What’s Going On In Our Community?

The Clans And Scottish Societies Of Canada [CASSOC] is an organization for organizations with a Scottish bent.  It acts as a clearing house for all Clan Associations and Scottish Societies in Canada and it provides information to all comers on how to join each organization plus all events mounted by those same organizations  Members include: Clans and Family Associations and Societies, Social Clubs, Sports Associations, Highland Games Committees, Highland and Country Dance Associations, Academic Groups, Historical, Cultural and linguistic Organizations, Scottish Regiments and their Associations

If you wished to find out where and when events with a Scottish theme are held in Canada, say Highland Games, you would consult their website and look under Events in the menu to the side.

Gaelic News in Nova Scotia will be holding many events over the summer of 2016– check out their flyer and sign up for email updates!



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