The St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto has been celebrating Scottish culture and supporting local charities since 1836.

Core Values


We remember the struggles faced by Scottish immigrants. We honour them by helping those in need through fundraising and volunteerism.


We believe in the equality of all people regardless of age, gender, race, religion, financial means, sexual orientation or personal beliefs.


We acknowledge and learn from the past. Honesty is the path to success.


We show respect to Scotland and Canada. We appreciate the contributions these countries have made to the world and the freedoms our ancestors have won for us.


We are grateful for challenges. They allow us to showcase the tenacity and innovative thinking that Scotland is famous for.


  • Celebrate Scotland’s contributions to Canada and the world. Recognize achievements by Canadians of Scottish heritage. Preserve these legacies for future generations.

  • Deliver value to members, partners, donors and customers. Embrace any best practices that make the Society more appealing or financially viable.

  • Educate and entertain Torontonians of Scottish ancestry. Give them reasons to be proud of their heritage and the tools to recruit others.

  • Organize programming that builds community and allows people from all backgrounds to enjoy Scottish-Canadian culture.

  • Partner with other Scottish organizations and like-minded groups. Study modern Scotland to keep the bonds between our countries strong.

  • Work to mitigate the risks associated with poverty in Toronto through grants to eligible agencies from the St. Andrew's Charitable Foundation.